Common Age-Related Eye Diseases

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The most common eye diseases are:

Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy



Vision impairment means that a person’s eyesight cannot be corrected to a “normal” level. It is a loss of vision that makes it hard or impossible to do daily tasks without specialized adaptations. Vision impairment may be caused by a loss of visual acuity, where the eye does not see objects as clearly as usual. It may also be caused by a loss of visual field, where the eye cannot see as wide an area as usual without moving the eyes or turning the head. Some people are also born with low vision.

There are different ways of describing how severe a person’s vision loss is. The eyesight of a person with low vision may be hazy from cataracts, blurred or partially obscured in the central visual zone because of macular degeneration or distorted or blurred from diabetic retinopathy.

Finding a way to read comfortably is one of the most difficult challenges for visually impaired people. Mobile Eye Clinic offers a wide range of products for low vision – from portable magnifiers to a desktop CCTV-like products.